The jobs listed on this page are reserved for students who have been accepted to participate in McGill's Work Study Program.

Some wages may be outdated due to increases imposed by Collective Agreements for unionized employees.

Students who have been accepted into Work Study (please verify Student List) may consult these job postings.

It is important to refer to the FUND SOURCE descriptions which are listed on each Work Study position under each term session:

AUS = Undergraduate Arts students must contribute to the Arts Students Employment Fund (ASEF)

SUS = Undergraduate Science students must contribute to the McGill Science 21st Century Career Centre Fund

University = University and/or government funding, open to all

1) Select the location
2) Select a position classification
3) Select the job titles that are of interest to you
4) Contact the individual listed on the job posting - refer to the WS number
5) Refer to for complete details on "Getting Hired"

Good Luck!

Work Study Program

Select a Job Title  

Location: Downtown
Type of Position: Clerical

ID Position Department
17589   Specialized B (Hospitality Assistant)   
McGill Executive Institute   
17633   Office B /Accounting Clerk   
Faculty of Management   
17686   Annual Fund Assistant   
MNI Communications&Developmt   
17865   Office Helper A   
Dept of Psychology   
17897   Office Assistant B   
Faculty of Science   
17916   Project Assistant   
Career And Management Studies   
17917   Assistant Project Assistant   
Career And Management Studies   
17921   Office Assistant A   
Environmental Safety Office   
17970   Communications Assistant C (Marketing & Social Media Assistant)   
School of Continuing Studies   
17977   Communications Assistant C (Content Creator Assistant )   
School of Continuing Studies   
17985   Office Assistant (Special Projects Assistant)   
School of Continuing Studies   
17998   Secretary   
Faculty of Dentistry   
18020   Sales Assistant A   
Residence Central Administrat   
18024   Intern - University Advancement   
University Advancement   
18053   Budget Assistant   
Office of the Provost   
18057   Communications Assistant B (Donor Relations Assistant)   
University Advancement   
18064   Office Assistant AMUSE - Class C   
Teaching and Learning Services   
18068   Office Assistant B   
Dept of Biology   
18069   Office Assistant C   
School of Nursing   
18075   Office Assistant   
Human Resources, Department of   
18076   Office Assistant C   
School of Nursing   
18077   Special Projects Assistant   
School of Continuing Studies   
18083   Office Assistant A   
Sports Medicine Clinic   
18087   Office Assistant A (HR Assistant)   
Faculty of Science   
18091   Office Assistant   
Dept of Ophthalmology