Work Study Program - Position WS17330

Some wages may be outdated due to increases imposed by
Collective Agreements for unionized employees.

WS17330 Computer programmer/Web developer
Location: Downtown
Dept: Neurology And Neurosurgery
Building: Montreal General Hospital (Affiliated)
Wage: $14.00/Hour
Summer Session: 35 hours per week (average) for 18 weeks of work.
Fund Source: University = University and/or government funding, open to all.
Duties: Help develop a bioinformatics data integration website for researchers.
Required Skills: An ideal candidate will be a biologist/chemist accomplished in computer programming, or possibly a computer programmer with bioinformatics experience, however a demonstrated strong background with scripting languages such as Javascript and experience with PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, and Angular2 is most important. - Demonstrated experience with UNIX environment, including experience with version control systems such as Git. - Demonstrated aptitude in programming language Python, Perl, Java, or C/C++. - Demonstrated experience with XML and related tools. - Demonstrated education and/or experience with relational database implementation in PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, or equivalent. - Basic knowledge of molecular biology. - Ability to work independently and communicate effectively. - An active interest in and experience with bioinformatics and genomics applications.
Contact Person: Brian Chen at