Work Study Program - Position WS18018

Some wages may be outdated due to increases imposed by
Collective Agreements for unionized employees.

WS18018 Funding Drive Assistant
Location: Downtown
Dept: Other Student Organizations
Building: UNIVERSITY 3647
Wage: $14.00/Hour
Winter Session: 9 hours per week (average) for 13 weeks of work.
Fund Source: University = University and/or government funding, open to all.
Duties: Every year Radio CKUT runs a 10 day long Funding Drive where we ask listeners to support the station through financial donations. This campaign takes place on air, on the internet, through mail, person-to-person, and through special events. The Funding Drive requires the participation of CKUT’s entire volunteer and staff base. Gifts and prizes are organized for donors along with special events and special on-air programming. The Funding Drive is a significant source of funding for Radio CKUT. The Funding Drive Assistant will work closely with the Funding & Outreach Coordinator to prepare, run and wrap-up the 10-day live-on-air Funding Drive. This will include tasks such as: -Request food donations from local businesses and secure prize sponsorships. -Schedule pick-up and delivery of food and gifts. -Prepare a phone room-schedule. -Contact volunteers to sign-up for all phone-room shifts. -Train volunteers in the phone room and for other tasks. -Update the Funding Drive website and related social media. -Accept Funding Drive payments. -Assist in the preparation of invoice, gift, and thank you card mail outs before and after the Funding Drive. -Maintain the Funding Drive database and keep it up to date. -Help coordinate any Funding Drive events. -Support the Funding and Outreach Coordinator in any other Funding Drive related tasks.
Required Skills: “Deadline for applications is November 30th, 2018 ” -Interest in working with a variety of people from diverse backgrounds. -Excellent verbal and written communication skills. -Comfortable soliciting donations and maintain good relationship with sponsors. -Extremely well organized, and be good at keeping exact records. -Should be able to work independently, and to work with a team of volunteers. -Must be capable of working in fast-paced environment. ASSETS: -Experience with independent media
Contact Person: Hiring Committee at